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Social Media Workshops for Public Relations Professionals and Agencies
Learn more below about customized trainings and workshops offered:

Getting Started With Social Media

Whether you need to enhance your LinkedIn profile, kick start a social media program for your company or learn the ins and outs of Tweeting, we can design a workshop that gets you going in the right direction. There’s an art and a science to social media content creation and engagement, and you don’t want to be spending precious time or money on a program that’s not generating business results for your company.

Nova Communications can create a comprehensive social media program aligned with business goals for maximum results. As the lines between traditional PR, Marketing and Social Media merge, digital storytelling plays a big role by creating compelling narratives to gain visibility with the right influencers.

Program activity will be personalized based on client needs and could include the following:

  • Develop social media strategy – with an understanding of business challenges and sales cycles, the social media strategy will be tied to business goals
  • Conduct a Social Profile Audit to review current social media profiles and outline what’s working, what could use improvement, what content receives the most engagement, etc. Audit will include review of 2 similar organization’s social media profiles. Findings will be summarized and actionable recommendations provided.
  • Develop a monthly content calendar to ensure steady flow of content
  • Identify leading influencers, publications, customers, etc to engage with on social media.
  • Ongoing management of company’s social media accounts including content creation, fan/follower engagement, influencer engagement.
  • Inventory of all existing content assets, including blog posts, media coverage, research reports, press releases, customer case studies, and more for development of a social media content bank and calendar
  • Advise on the creation of visual and engaging pieces of content: quote cards, statistic and list graphics, infographics, videos, polls, contests and more
  • Recommend targeted social media ad buying campaigns
  • Social media trainings and workshops
  • Employee Engagement programs
Social Media Audit & Best Practices
A social media audit is designed to uncover opportunities for a company to better connect with customers, prospects, employees and media on social media platforms. It can glean valuable insight into new opportunities to get more engaged with trending topics and industry influencers. Sometimes all it takes is a few subtle changes to really kick a program into high gear. Once the audit is complete, that information is turned into action through development of a company personality and voice for social media, an overview of best practices for each social media channel of importance to your business, and a content creation plan to increase visibility and brand awareness.
Social Media For Sales & Lead Generation
Social media offers a chance to build relationships while getting to know your potential customers on a unique level. With just a little information and training, members of any team can turn a few minutes a day on social media into new relationships, leads, and most importantly, closed deals.

Social media is like a back-stage pass to sales success – you secure a closer look, uncover hidden gems, and get a chance to engage on a more personal level. One of the best ways to use social to drive incremental sales for your brand is through active listening.

Customized Workshops Include:

  • Discuss the why, how, and what of social media engagement for business development and lead generation
  • Social media best practices for lead generation
  • Building social media communities to increase company visibility, demonstrate thought leadership, enhance prospect and customer relationships and more
  • Understanding the insight that can be gleaned about prospects and customers (and competitors!) from social media active listening
  • Why decision makers are tapping social media during their buying process — and how to reach them
  • Communicating company value proposition at the right time to the right people
  • Joining conversations where they are already happening online versus always needing to initiate conversations – allowing for communications at the prospect’s “time of pain”.
  • Share actionable examples and ideas that can be put to use immediately
Social Media for Public Relations
In today’s fast-paced PR world, it’s not uncommon for results to get overlooked and not given the proper exposure they deserve. There’s also a way to tap into a vast online network to build relationships, engage influencers and garner PR results for your company or client. A PR campaign becomes stronger and more impactful integrated with social media amplification.

Customized Workshops Include:

  • Leveraging social media for agency promotion and new business
  • Opportunity to integrate social and digital media into new business strategies and planning, and upsell current client base
  • Educate staff on providing high-level social media strategy to clients
  • Educate staff on implementation of basic social media elements into client campaigns
Social Media for Marketing
Provide an overview of the state of the social marketing industry and how further engagement can impact your business. Once you understand the tools to become better social marketers, it’s time to utilize great content across social channels to build brand awareness, increase success of communications campaigns and influence sales.

Customized Workshops Include:

  • The importance of social media marketing today
  • How social media can support your business goals
  • Social media best practices and B2B success stories
  • Social marketing campaign integration
  • A look at competitor’s social marketing efforts – what’s working, what’s not
  • Dissecting content for longer shelf-life and usage across multiple social channels
  • Creative content marketing and native advertising
  • Simple and easy ways to connect social marketing to sales
  • Scaling social media across the business to reach more audiences and influencers
  • Helpful social marketing tools to make your lives easier